DRT Racing

Just as all other performance shops have their claim to fame, DRT, when established in November of 1997, walked into the Import Performance scene with a showstopper that undoubtedly brought attention to the East Coast.

The founders of DRT, Rafael Estevez and Javier Ortega, opened up the eyes of many with their first project car, the Speed & Sound Civic.The car, a 1994 Honda Civic Coupe, was one of the fastest and quickest East Coast cars, running an unheard of 11.25 @ 133 m.p.h. at that time, while putting out 460-wheel HP. Having to live up to the name, DRAG RACING TECHNOLOGIES, the quest for the most technologically advanced manufacturers and designers began. With the knowledge of the two founders, combined with the newest import technologies, DRT was headed on the right track to being one of the fastest import racers on the scene today.

After the learning curve with and sale of the Speed & Sound Civic, a 1997 Civic coupe was picked up from some good friends over at All in One Auto parts as a theft recovery. Needless to say, a new learning curve had to be developed due to differences in the chassis and body style. Those with domestic car experience may be thinking that there is really no big deal involved, but keep in mind, this is still a new market, so not only are there few familiar with it, WE had to become the local experts.

And DRT is still living up to its name…

The rest, as they say, is history.

Custom Work Available

We can custom fabricate just about anything from Intercooler piping, custom intercoolers, downpipes and exhaust. Custom Roll cages built.  Give us a call or just come by the shop

We can tig and mig weld. give us a call with your special project.

Custom Fabrications 90%
Custom Tunning 95%
body work 95%
Computer/Electrics 95%
Paint 95%

We Make You Race To Success








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